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Tin assisted Vista Analyse with their National Report on Jula Locations

05.12.2017 - Vista Analyse, Oslo - Jula the hardware store chain were in need to understand their locations in accordance with future investments, commercial aspects of their locations, constraints of each site in Norway. The work totalled in 30 sites throughout the country, and spanned over a year till finish date. On this occasion Tin worked closely wth one of Vista's partners, Hanne Toftdahl in gathering data and handling the layout of how the information was being presented

Vista Analyse is an esteemed social science consultancy with its main emphasis on economic research, policy analysis and advice, and evaluations.


Awarded with a Special Mention at the Europan 14 Prize Ceremony

30.11.2017/01.12.2017 - Arkitektenes Hus, Oslo - Tin & co's entry, Busy Bosse!, was awarded with a Special Mention, and were invited to the ceremony. Tin & Phoebe also presented to all the other international winning entries, the jury and government officials. The third member, Guide was not present for the award ceremony & dinner, food was eaten on his behalf. The jurors statement was;

"...The analytical approach explains the different suggestions for the site. The public spaces are carefully distributed and shared between the programs, and with a high emphasis on how they relate to the shorefront (...) The jury is positive to the mix of the different programs in the project, as well as to the research on the social and economic context. The understanding of the place and context leads to plausible arguments for the solutions chosen."

Europan is an international biennual competition, encouraging young architects and urbanists under 40, to address social and economic challenges in towns and cities throughout Europe.

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Keynote at the Executive Conference for Norway's Housing Cooperatives

21.11.2017 - Grand Hotel, Oslo - Will be making an appearance as a keynote at the yearly meeting for the CEO's of the Norwegian Housing Cooperatives. The meeting is under direction by the Co-operative Housing Federation of Norway (NBBL). 28 of Norway's 42 co-operatives were present.

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Presentation for Høegh Eiendom

17.11.2017 - Rosenholm Campus, Oppegård - Tin will present his thoughts and reflections on coworking, and its financial impact on nearby real estate, for the executives at Høegh. The Worst will lead on the meeting with a guided tour around the building.


Tin joins the program comittee for OUA 2018!

07.11.2017 - Rådhuset, Oslo - Tin joins the program committee for Oslo Urban Arena 2018 as its newest, youngest, and dare we say "brightest" professional addition to this gentle group of old people. This position will conclude after 8 meetings in June 2018.

Other members are Erling Fossen, Victoria Marie Evensen, Linnea Elisabeth Svensson, Andreas Vaa Bermann, Marianne Skjulhaug, Lin Skaufel, Sverre Landmark, and Tomas Stokke.

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Presentation for Mustad & Selvaag Eiendom

30.10.2017 - Greenhouse Oslo - Tin will be presenting his thoughts and reflections on the coworking movement, and a variety of models so far. This session is part of a presentation and guided tour by Enterspace at Greenhouse.

Interviewed for P2's Radio Special on Graveyard issues

29.10.2017 - NRK, Oslo - On P2 10:30, Tin will be part of the program, Ut i Kulturen. The theme for this episode is on the graveyard issues in Oslo and Scandinavia. He will comment his concerns dating as far back as 2013 till today, and shortly present the project, Sixty Feet Under, that challenges conventions, traditions and the concept of what is dignified.

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Speaker at ByLIVsenteret's conference on Inclusive Places

18.10.2017 - Scandic Maritime Hotel, Haugesund - Presenting, "Coworking Spaces - funker det på bygda?", at BYLIVKonferansen 2017, Inkluderende Steder. The conference aims at shedding some light on possible tools towards a better society through shared-use, co-location, maximising social and sustainable life through building less etc.

ByLIVsenteret was initiated by the Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL). Other presenters were Aksel Tjora, Gro Sandkjær Hanssen, Nicolai Calberg, Ole Jacob Flæten, Alexandria Algard, Øystein Bull-Hansen etc.

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Invited guest at the Embassy of Sri Lanka

28.09.2017 - Skøyen, Oslo - Tin was cordially invited by the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Jayantha Palipane, to the meet the Sri Lankan delegate of startups and participants at the Oslo Innovation Week.

Other invited guests were TIQRI, ICT Norway, Oslo municipality, officials from Houston, etc. Fredrik Syversen,director of business development at ICT Norway in his mighty fine blazer, holding a speech about something important.


Speaker at the Oslo Innovation Week 2017

27.09.2017 - Oslo Municipality tent at Salt, Oslo - Presenting, "Entrepreneurship as main driver towards new housing models", at the Oslo Municipality tent. With political advisor Bettina Thorvik on the panel commenting the model.

This was part of ICT Norway's event, "with Tøyen - Oslo & Friends". Other presenters were Toogoodtogo, Morradi, Tøyen Biblo etc.

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Keynote and participant in Coworking International (CWi) Workshop

26.09.2017 - Høegh Eiendom at Verket, Moss - Presenting, "Coworking Spaces - Alt fra A til Å", for the preliminary launch of CWi in Moss. Other presenters, were Høegh Real Estate developers, Kåre Arthur Trobe, initiator of CWi.

Breakout session at the Oslo Urban Arena 2017

20.09.2017 - Library at Kulturhuset, Oslo - As part of the break-out sessions, we are presenting, "Entreprenørskap som driver i en ny sosialboligmodell", with Vice Mayor of urban development Hanna Marcussen and Arild Eriksen of Skajaa & Eriksen on the panel. This breakout session was a collaboration between Tin, ICT Norway and The Trampery.

Oslo Urban Arena is considered as the biggest platform for urban dicourses in Norway. Mentioned in HiOA's Bybloggen.

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Hurtigpraksis Lecture on the office's practice

10.08.2017 - Oslo house of Innovation, Oslo - Presenting, "Gattaca - Year One" (the former moniker of the office), for architect students from various schools in Scandinavia, on our ups and downs during our first year as professionals.

Arkitektstudenter i Hurtigpraksis, is a student-initiated workshop on professional practices in the field of architecture. Other participants were Ghilardi Hellsten, Rodeo, SLA, Snøhetta etc.

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Keynote at the members Meeting of Oslo Venstre (Liberal Party)

06.06.2017 - Mesh T2, Oslo - Presenting, "The Startup City", and "Coworking and Meeting Grounds". The session, "Fremtidens Grunderpolitikk", focuses on the governing encouraging Norwegian entrepreneurship.

Other presenters were Anna Holm Heide from No Isolation, and the politician Sveinung Rotnevatn.

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Speaker at the Oslo Future Living

11.05.2017 - Vulkan, Oslo - Tin will be presenting, "Eiendomsutvikling i Fremtidens Arbeidsliv". Oslo Future Living is a festival on sustainable and smart cities, a cooperation between Estate Media, Aspelin Ramm, Enova, and Hjellnes Consult.

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Fossen retracts his harsh criticism and proclaims Tin's thesis as a Masterpiece!

08.05.2017 - in public & social media Oslo Metropolitan Area and Oslo Urban Arena - Erling Fossen, is the CEO of initiatives such as Oslo Urban Arena, Oslo Metropolitan Area, etc. The author, urbanist, and former TV-host on NRK, the man himself, Erling Fossen goes on the record, stating;

"I was dissapointed when Tin won the Aspelin Ramm Award last year, and thought to myself, how a highly skilled jury could have fallen for such hipster stuff like coworking spaces. But when I read the thesis, I realised why. The Aspelin Ramm Award demands a certain pedigree, and Tin Phan's thesis is a masterpiece."

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1 of 24 International Teams in the limited Fjordporten High-Rise Competition

28.04.2017 - Oslo Municipality - Part of Mecanoo International team with Oslo Works, Hjellnes Consult, NGI for the Fjordporten competition.


Keynote at the Oslo Metropolitan Area

25.04.2017 - Avantor HQ, Oslo - Presenting, "Fremtidens Arbeidsplass - et ugyldig spørsmål i møte med morgendagens arbeidere". Oslo Metropolitan Area is a non-profit organisation representing the real estate business and urban developers in the Oslo Region.

Other keynote speakers were Fredrik Winther, managing director of Oslo Business Region, and Øystein Thorup, CEO of Avantor.

Mentoring at the SmartOslo Accelerator

01.04.2017 - Tøyen Startup Village - Tin will partake in the workshop, and mentoring the participants in the pitching session. SmartOslo Accelerator is the first portal launched to create a dialogue between the City of Oslo and the startup community.

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Speaker at the Levende Lokaler Network

30.03.2017 - DogA, Oslo - Tin will be leading and presenting the bolk of, "The Startup City - how municipalities attract entrepreneurs and knowledge workers". Levende Lokaler is a Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture (DogA) initiative,combatting retracting city centers, with 3 pilot projects, Arendal, Lærdal, and Tromsø. The office also functions as part of the professional reference group and network with other municipalities and professional entities.

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Guest lecture at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

24.03.2017 - The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo - Presenting, "Entrepreneurs and the Public Space". The lecture is part of the two-year post master program led by Lisbet Harboe and Jonny Aspen. Other presenters were Karl Otto Ellefsen, and more.


Name-dropped in Erling Dokk Holm's keynote at Norconsult

10.03.2017 - Norconsult HQ, Sanvika - During Arkitektenes fagdag at Norconsult, the urbanist and author Erling Dokk Holm mentions Tin's take on urban affairs as new, refreshing and impeccable, bearing similarities to Katherine W. Phillips. We didn't quite catch the reference, but assume it's positive!


Discussions on coworking spaces with Selvaag & Aspelin Ramm

17.02.2017 - Oslo House of Innovation - Tin will be presenting his thoughts and research on coworking spaces, during a guided tour for the executives at Selvaag.


Lecture at the H2020 Research workshop for NIBR and HiOA

16.01.2017 - Holmen Fjordhotell, Nes - Tin will be presenting, "Diagram as Research Tool", part of Lin Prøitz on how to write a H2020 application-course/workshop. Researchers present, were from The University College of Oslo & Akershus, in creative arts, urbanism, social studies etc.