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“Oslo - Learning to Fly”, Coming to a Bookstore Near You!

18.12.2018 - Kulturhuset, Oslo - Oslo - Learning to Fly is Erling Fossen’s new book on Oslo city’s transformation, encompassing decades, generations and urban ideologies. The book attempts to summarise a not-seen-before collection of minor and major projects from the past, present and future! Tin was one of the 29 contributors (millenials category) in the book, with the title “Enriching the Urban Vocabulary”. Tin’s contribution talks a lil’ bit about Barcode, Mesh, Bergen Media City in a span of 1 page. Tin applauds Erling Fossen for his structure of the book; for how he spend 50% of it on pictures, 25% on contributions from others, and the rest he writes himself in as the sole author of the book! Nice bizniz tactics, Erling; minimum effort, maximum reward! No royalties whatsoever, were discussed among the 29 contributors.

From the left; Tin Phan, Erling Fossen, Marianne Skjulhaug, Elin Børrud, Dana Jdid, Anne Beate Hovind. Omg Marianne, close the book - you’re out of sync! Other esteemed contributors were among others Ellen de Vibe, Kamzy Gunaratnam, Knut Schreiner etc.


Wildcards Gone Wild!

28.11.2018 - Arkitektenes Hus, Oslo - Just kidding, it was just another dry business meeting on the Wildcard initiative. The office met up with the other Wildcards to discuss their experiences, its future and the technicalities and guidelines for upcoming calls for submissions etc. This meeting took place at and with The National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL).

The offices that attended were (from the left); Koht, Edit/atelier, Tin, (NAL) & Holt' O’Brien


The Conclusion of Lørenskog Station Area

22.10.2018 - Lørenskog Hus, Lørenskog - Linn Runesson presented on behalf of the Edit/atelier & Tin, as the parallel commission for Lørenskog Station Area reaches its final conclusion..

How Tailored Teams for the Occasion Only, can compete against Established Offices

26.09.2018 - ByLIVsenteret, Oslo - As the parallel commission for Lørenskog reached the midway seminar did indeed shed som light on the area’s commercial, social, environmental, and urban ambitions. The team, Edit/atelier & Tin is looking forward to continue this work. This in regards to that the challenges and potentials of the site would not amount to much, without the developers and municaplity’s ambitious goals for the place (in terms of tourism, growth, cultural diversity, flooding, homogenous industrial foundation etc.). In relation to this, Edit/atelier & Tin gave their opinion on how any interdisciplinary team can compete;

“Our choice of external competence was a concious one, covering a wide range of expertise. This team is tailored for the occasion only, and it is in our opinion, a necessity in solving the complex challenges of the contemporary society. It’s also a smart way of actually being able to compete against the more established offices, as they are obligated to engage their employees hired on other grounds than this specific task.”

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Formal Dinner with the Sri Lankan delegate during the Oslo Innovation Week 2018!

25.09.2018 - Südøst Restaurant, Oslo - Once again, some of Sri Lanka’s most promising tech startups were invited to pitch at the Oslo Innovation Week, and once again, there was a reception dinner. The guests included the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Oslo municipality, TIQRI, ICT Norway, Tin etc. Why are the Sri Lankan and Norwegian business relations in tech getting so much attention, on the contrary of a history of strenous peace negotiations between them?

As how the CEO of TIQRI Finn Worm-Petersen eloquently put it; despite being on two separate continents, Norway and Sri Lanka share crucial similarities, business-wise. Stuff like, similar work ethics and culture, sizes of companies, overlapping technologies etc. Tin was present, partly sharing his perspectives on tech communities, but also entertaining the guests with a joke or two.

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Presentations & Debate Panel in OAF’s “Tech in Architecture” with Spacemaker & Void!

20.09.2018 - Arkitektens Hus, Oslo - Oslo Arkitektforening has initiated a series of lectures, including among others Sanaa and Olgiati. Tech was the main topic this time around as two major contenders in the tech industry, Spacemaker and Void were invited to present their companies. Additions to the panel, was the architect Tin Phan and Benedicte Raae (web developer), curated by Kai Reaver, researcher at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Here, polarising expressions of technology was shown, quantifiable AI-powered Spacemaker, and the distinct technological expressions and artistic installations of Void. The discussions quickly boiled down to the architectural and urban practice - what was at stake with the tech of Spacemaker?

OUA 2018 - How yet Another Kid from Fjell brought Home the Aspelin Ramm Award!

18.09.2018/19.09.2018 - Folketeateret, Oslo - Oslo Urban Arena (OUA) covered many topics this year, everything from friendly cities for the elderly, King’s Cross, to tactical urbanism. The most interesting event this year was when Atdhe Illyrian Belegu won the 4th Aspelin Ramm award, on a diploma project about the wonders of Fjell, a place in Drammen dogged by preconceptions of being marginalised, crime-ridden and a ghetto. Surprisingly enough, this is also the same place Tin (2nd recipient) grew up under the influence of the same elementary school teacher Unni Helland!? Of all the gin joints in the world, what are the odds that 50% of the awards has gone to kids from the same neighbourhood of minorities? Fjell - coincidental or crucial in shaping two separate childhoods towards the same destiny at OUA?

Tin served as a member of this year’s programme committee, and can’t remember the last time he shed some tears at the OUA, if any at all, other than seeing Erling Fossen’s dance moves at the late night dinner. Illyrian brought back some vivid memories about a past and childhood Tin somehow had forgotten about. Photo credit: Finn Ståle Felberg.

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Midway Seminar & Public Hearing for the Lørenskog Station Area

18.09.2018 - Luhr School, Lørenskog - Edit/atelier & Tin partook in the midway seminar for the parallel commission of Lørenskog station area. It consisted of back-to-back presentations for the mayor, municipal officials, property developers and for the locals. We presented a strategy investigating employment rates, tourism, household prognosis and speculated upon an activity-based industry related to their billion kroner investment in the Winterpark.

Fun fact: Tin was also present at OUA this day, and was biking back-and-forth between Lørenskog deliberations and the sessions at OUA - then travelling out to Lørenskog presenting twice, before coming back to Oslo for the dinner party.


Digs merges with The Creators Community

07.09.2018 - Trondheim, Norway - As in the case of Matrikel1, Tin was sworn in secrecy, and on need-to-know basis only, to do some work! In May of 2017 the office assisted in clandestine deliberations between the teams of Oslo and Trondheim. Little did we know that they were in talks of taking over the famed Digs in Trondheim, adding another esteemed coworking space to their ranks. The only information given at the time, was that the Mesh team was looking at yet another prospect, and that there was a certain famous historical figure buried underneath the building!

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Lørenskog Station Area Commences

22.08.2018 - Lørenskog Hus, Lørenskog - a formal initiation meeting was set in Lørenskog Hus, so that the selected teams for this parallel commission could meet up with the other teams, and the municipality. With Edit/atelier, Tin got to meet the mayor, local officials, various local and national property developers, public transport enterprises etc.

The challenges was equally big as the potentials demanding coherency, going into topics such as flooding, commercial interests, public transport, electricity, winterpark strategy with extensive housing areas etc.


Inpromptu-speech at Magasinet KOTE's summerparty

17.08.2018 - Greenhouse Oslo, Oslo - as a former member of the Web Editorial at Magasinet KOTE, Tin held a speech at their annual summer party. He introduced briefly the Greenhouse concept, but more importantly, he spoke fondly of his days in the web editorial. With no prior theoretical training, Tin posed an essential question; was there a correlation between his time at KOTE and his award-winning theoretical master thesis? He himself couldn't be sure, and urged any young students yearning to improve their writing skills to join or contribute to the magazine!

Selected for the Parallel Commission of Lørenskog Station Area!

10.08.2018 - Lørenskog Municipality - Edit/atelier and Tin was chosen as the wildcard team for the parallel commission of Lørenskog station area. The team also brings with them external competence, such as Dagny Thurmann-Moe, Jan Godzimirski, Phoebe Chu, Transsolar and TØI. This makes Tin Phan the only contender to have been chosen twice consecutively, for open parallel commissions with a slot earmarked for wildcards since the recommencement in 2017. The probability of being in two consecutive teams is 1,8% (1*5/1*11*100), to be the only individual is 0,1% (assuming there's 4 in each team).

The task is to look for a holistic approach to develop the Lørenskog station area that connects the area itself with the existing city center, green areas and pathways for soft pedestrians etc. The station area is plagued by open areas and great distances between buildings, industry, while there is also big development plans ongoing for the place, with sports venues and halls, local center with housing with the ambition of regional influence and presence. What does it mean to live and work in Lørenskog?

3 teams were selected out of 25 offers in total, where 11 of them applied for the single wildcard slot. The 2 other teams were MDH Arkitekter with Transborder Studios, and MASU Planning, and Holscher Nordberg, with Via Trafik and GHB Landskabsarkitekter.

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Tin Returns with yet another Lecture at Hurtigpraksis!

10.08.2018 - Greenhouse Oslo, Oslo - This time around we are presenting, "Gattaca - Year Two" (the office’s former moniker) where the stakes are higher than ever, even presenting some corporate secrets, and how the office fundamentally pivoted from random research to architectural and urban competitions. Do you want to know how our experience on top-ranked research within counter cyber-terrorism, impaired children in Mozambique, and the Spanish Flu in 1918 made us a contender for prolific urban parallel commissions?

Arkitektstudenter i Hurtigpraksis, is a student-initiated workshop for students all over Scandinavia on professional practices in the field of architecture. Other participants were Edit/Atelier, Rodeo, Kima, MAD, A-lab, Nordic, Snøhetta etc.

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Fotballfesten 2018

14.06.2018/15.07.2018 - Kontraskjæret, Oslo - In close collaboration with the organizers of Fotballfesten, Tin designed the layout of the entire event. The event and screening is free of charge, and the business model is solely based on the sales of food, beverage, sponsorship and news channels being present. Fotballfesten is a quadrennial festival in Oslo, streaming all the matches of Fifa World Cup live.


Ibsen Library - Onwards to the next Phase!

02.07.2018 - Skien Municipality - As the parallel commission reaches its final conclusion, the results are to mark the beginning of the next phase - an architectural competition!

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In Team Kaleidoscope for the Reinventing Cities Competition

08.06.2018 - Stovner, Oslo - Tin joins an unlikely yet crucial group of professionals in solving the site of Fossumdumpa, Stovner. Competing against 5 others, the team consist of P Boligutleie, Ola Roald Arkitekter, Holt O'Brien, Byverkstedet & Tin.

Reinventing Cities (C40) is a competition to stimulate innovative carbon-neutral developments across the globe and to implement the best ideas to transform underutilised sites into beacons of sustainability and resiliency.

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Midway Seminar & Public Hearing for The Ibsen Library

05.06.2018 - Skien Municipality - All the 3 teams were invited to present for the Mayor, local officials, culture institutions and other attendees. Finished off wth a public hearing at the end of the day for the inhabitants of Oslo.


The International Team assembles in Venice, and believe it or not; it's not for the Biennale!

15.05.2018 - Venice, Italy - The wildcard team for Ibsen Library consists of 4 different offices, of 3 different nationalities, as they coordinate and devise strategies for the tasks given to them. The offices different perspectives, backgrounds and expertises generated unforeseen discussions and raised several questions on the topics and potential strategies for the project!

From left: Tin Phan (from the office simply known as Tin), Lawrence Lord & Jeffrey Bolhuis (AP+E), Betina Holt & Colm O'Brien (Holt O'Brien), Alessio Val Morrison (De Gayardon Bureau).

Ibsen Library commences, visiting Skien Municipality

30.04.2018 - Skien Municipality - a formal initiation meeting was set in Skien, so that the selected teams for this parallel commission could meet up with the other teams, and the municipality. With our partners-in-crime Holt O'Brien, Tin got to meet the mayor, local officials, property developers, cultural institutions, the press, etc.

The Mayor had high hopes and expectations of the teams, that they met the complexities of the undertaking that has been thrust upon them. What came out of this, was not just programmatic discussions, but the municipality was well aware of the importance of program content, that the building was able to continuously facilitate the intended urban life and ambitions they posed. The Ibsen scholar also presented some fascinating spatial translations of what Ibsen could be in an urban space!

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Double-Trouble: Presentations for CBRE, & the Jury of what's to happen with the former U.S Embassy in Oslo!

25.04.2018 - Greenhouse Oslo & Fredensborg H.Q., Oslo - Tin presented the coworking model and emerging real estate practices for CBRE, the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world, before literally running off to another one: infront of the jury of the highly coveted parallel commission for the transformation of Eero Saarinen's U.S. Embassy.

Tin was part of the team Kima Arkitektur, Ledsten Arkitektur, Lala Tøyen and Metric Design. Other invited teams were Lund Hagem, Jarmund Vigsnæs, Snøhetta, and Grape Architects.

Selected for the Parallel Commission of Ibsen Library!

18.04.2018 - Skien Municipality - Team Holt O'Brien was chosen for the wildcard slot in the Ibsen Library parallel commission, and also the only international one (non-Scandinavian). The team consist of; Tin (of course), Holt O'Brien (NO), De Gayardon Bureau (IT), and AP+E (IE). Ibsen Library is considered one of Skien's most ambitious projects in recent time, with an estimated pricetag of 330 million NOK. Team Holt O'Brien was chosen on the background of, and we quote ; "their insane abilities in exhibition design, and how to incorporate the UN sustainable goals".

The main tasks for this parallel commission are; choice of site, space & program function, and UN sustainable goals (Team Holt O'Brien are to deal with the two latter). With hybrid public programs such as library + social service center + tourism center, the call also touches upon an array of complex topics, such as Henrik Ibsen's authorship & legacy, democratic values and arena, societal interplay, and how to translate this into architecture & design and weave it all together!

3 teams were selected out of 18 in total, the others being Jaja Architects and Arkitema (& their respective collaborators).

Press; Telemarksavisa, Varden or National Association of Norwegian Architects.


Presentation & Talks with Forsvarsbygg

11.04.2018 - Greenhouse Oslo - Tin presented new real estate models, and coworking spaces for Norway's biggest property management company, Forsvarsbygg, or internationally known as Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA). The agency`s primary tasks relate to the planning, construction, administration, leasing and disposal by sale of defence estates and properties. Most interesting, was the discussions around the medieval fortresses and fortifications in terms of architectural conservation - not least the historical preservation, transformation, and relevance in contemporary society. Was there any transferable knowledge from the process at Greenhouse Oslo, in terms of these aspects?

Tin listed in Kapital's Top 30 Talents under 35 in Norwegian Real Estate

08.03.2018 - Kapital No.5, 8th of March - Kapital made a couple of top10+ lists in a very Forbes-esque manner, covering 30 of the most promising, influential and outstanding individuals, changing the landscape of Norwegian real estate. Tin Phan was mentioned in the, other promising talents-list, as "the first individual to thoroughly investigate the phenomenon coworking in a serious manner, and is considered an authority on the subject". He is the 9th youngest entry, and the only architect/urbanist to make the list. Tin joins the ranks among other professionals, such as concept developers, entrepreneurs, managers, lawyers, analysts, property developers, real estate executives etc. The categories were;

- Notable talents, professionals within the real estate trade only. (10 individuals)
- The heirs, independently making their own mark on the trade. (3 individuals)
- Other promising talents, from outside and within the trade. (17 individuals)

Some categories had some pre-conditions (as stated above), but the general criteria was that the candidates had to be under 35 (born after 1983), operate in Norway and they could only be nominated by pre-selected leading industry veterans, CEO's and experts. Kapital is widely considered one of Norway's leading journals on business, stock exchange and economic policies.

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Matrikel1 merges with The Creators Community!

28.02.2018 - Højbros Plads, Copenhagen - Sworn in secrecy, and on need-to-know basis only, the office was hired to assist the planning of yet another "prospect" of Mesh, as early as 2017, which is now featured in Business Insider! The information given at the time, was that this was a product of the merger between Mesh and Founder House towards what is now called The Creators Community, envisioned as a unique stand-alone concept, and that the building itself oozed extravagance.

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Featured in ByLIVsenteret's article, Skape Sammen, Jobbe Sammen

20.02.2018 - ByLIVsenteret, Oslo - In the context of the lecture Tin held in Haugesund, Coworking - funker det på bygda?, an article was written by ByLIVsenteret. It elaborates further on some of the thought processes and concepts that was presented by Tin himself. Could the metropolitan phenomenon, coworking spaces prove to be essential for rural places also? The answer from Tin, was a roaring; YES! Find out more why this is so, here!

Tin was interviewed alongside with Siv Støldal, one of the initiatives behind Typisk Lærdal, and Gro Sandkjær Hanssen, researcher at OsloMET.

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Prince William & the Dutchess Kate Middleton at Mesh

01.02.2018 - Mesh, Oslo - The royal couple of U.K. paid Mesh a visit during their 3-day tour in Scandinavia - Tin's first ever commissioned project! They were in good company, by our very own Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit & other representatives of the Norwegian business sector. The choice of Mesh, signals also the notion of what defines a contemporary iconic landmark, as both the Royal Palace and Mesh were the destinations of the day; a literal building that symbols wealth and regality, and/or the distinction of people that inhabits a place? Fun fact: Meanwhile the Royal Palace has a long history of housing royalties, the locale of Mesh has a long history of second-rate night-clubs.

Tin was of course super-stoked on behalf of Mesh, and also proud to have worked on this great project, and their Scandinavian expansion between 2016-2017!

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Presentation for Trainee Sør

16.01.2018 - Greenhouse Oslo - Part of Enterspace's informal rounds for Trainee Sør, Tin will present a litle bit on the financial models and socio-economic viability behind coworking spaces such as Greenhouse.

Trainee Sør is a regional networking program, with 35 of the Southern region's leading companies. The intention of the program is to strengthen the competitive ability of the region and attract knowledge worker, mainly under 30, with a masters degree. The fields range from tech, economy, ICT, politics and leadership, law, marketing etc.