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ERC Proposals

There is an emerging tendency among the top-ranked research applications sent to the European Research Council; an elaborate use of visual persuasion and diagrams. Can it be taken further, to the extent of sharpening the text, to narrate and enhance the researcher's thought patterns, and potentially, increase the level of any academic excellency? 

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Coworking Spaces

In the summer of 2012 Oslo went from 0 to 4 coworking spaces and in 2016, the number of spaces has more than tripled. This thesis investigates 3 startup-related coworking spaces in the Oslo area. What are the spatial culture and urban implications of coworking spaces?

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Sixty Feet Under

The underground shelters in Oslo has proven problematic for reuse as the space stand empty. On the other side, the graveyard spaces are running empty. By combining these, as site and program, they prove beneficial for each other in terms of reuse and interpretation of law and tradition.

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