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Busy Bosse!

Special Mention in Europan 14 competition - Productive Cities. This entry explores how social mechanics in urbanism can increase productivity in an atypical urban context of Alta. Europan is a biennual competition, encouraging young architects and urbanists under 40, to adress social and economic challenges in towns and cities throughout Europe.

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Mesh T2

MESH has announced an expansion and a major merger with Founders House to become Scandinavias biggest startup-platforms and focusing on both space and digital platforms. Gattaca has been hired for the expansion and tranformation process of Tordenskiolds gate 2.

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Coworking Spaces

In the summer of 2012 Oslo went from 0 to 4 coworking spaces and in 2016, the number of spaces has more than tripled. This thesis investigates 3 startup-related coworking spaces in the Oslo area. What are the spatial culture and urban implications of coworking spaces?

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